Wireless Programmable Thermostat with Hub

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ThermoSphere Wireless programmable thermostat for electric underfloor heating.

Packed with many of the exciting features you would expect to find on a smart thermostat, including wireless connectivity

About the features

Flexible scheduling (7 day, 6 events)

Automatic open window/door sensor - to conserve energy, your thermostat will turn off when it detects an open window/door

Energy saving adaptive start - learns how long it takes for your room to heat up and controls the temperature accordingly

Easy to use touch display

Ambient & floor temperature sensing mode

1x ThermoSphere Single Wireless Programmable thermostat
1x Installation guide
1x 3m floor temperature sensor probe
1x 2m sensor conduit
2x Fixing screws

Technical Data

Voltage 230V 50/60Hz
Maximum load 16A
Backup storage EEPROM (1 year backup)
Temperature range 5 ~ 80°C (0.5°C increments)
Accuracy 5 ~ 80°C
Sensor rating NTC 10kΩ @ 25°C
Consumption 2W
Warranty 3 years
Protection rating IP30
85mm x 85mm x 46mm (31mm in wall) 
Wireless RF 868MHz Mesh
Network requirements Wireless Hub (5000RF)


Full Feature List

Simple to use on / off button
Control from your mobile with the MyThermotouch app or with the touch sensitive buttons. Connect to your network with the Thermosphere Wireless Hub.
Adjust temperature manually
Design your 7 day 6 event (3 on 3 off) heating schedule
Ambient & floor temperature sensing
Energy saving adaptive start
Automatic open window sensor
Frost protection mode
Screen lock


You can connect your Wireless thermostat wirelessly by including the Wireless Hub. This allows you to connect up your thermostat network and control your underfloor heating temperature/scheduling from your smartphone. 

You can connect up to 32 thermostats to any one hub. 

Reliable RF connection

The Wireless Hub is essential if you want wireless connectivity.

Technical Data

 Power supply 5V DC
Operating power 1A
Ambient temperature 5 ~ 50°C
Compatible controls SWC-B-01, SWC-W-01
Warranty 3 years
Protection rating IP40
Dimensions 79 x 98 x 28mm
Wireless RF 868Mhz Mesh
Range 20m open field (approx.)
Max no. of connections 32+ units
Max no. of hubs per app 2


What's in the box

1x ThermoSphere Wireless Hub
1x Installation guide
1x Network cable
1x Power supply


ThermoSphere Wireless Hub
Compatible ThermoSphere Wireless thermostat
Broadband internet
An available network port on your router
MyThermotouch App
Compatible iOS or Android device
Approximate range limit 20m open field

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