Smart Digital Thermostat


The smart electric underfloor heating thermostat which combines great looks with even greater functionality.

The ThermoLife electric underfloor heating system is designed to complement both your living space and your life style. It will keep your home at a comfortable temperature while minimising energy use. What's better? You can control it from your phone!

- 24 Hour time display

- Holiday function - Maintains temperature until the holiday time ends

- Floor temperature limitation

- Adaptive function

- Smart open window detection - (Will recognise when you open a window and shut the heating off for 15 minutes to maintain energy efficiency)

- Off-time frost protection

- Key-lock - Prevent children and others from switching thermostat parameters

- Manually override temperature - use the buttons to manually change the temperature if you need to

- Hold mode - The thermostat will maintain the temperature until the hold time ends

- Time settings - Each day of the week has 4 time periods - set a temperature for each

1x ThermoSphere Programmable thermostat
1x Installation guide
1x 3m floor temperature sensor probe
1x 2m sensor conduit
2x Fixing screws

Technical Data

Voltage 230V 50/60Hz
Maximum load 16A
Backup storage EEPROM (1 year backup)
Temperature range 5 ~ 80°C (0.5°C increments)
Accuracy 5 ~ 80°C
Sensor rating NTC 10kΩ @ 25°C
Consumption 2W
Warranty 3 years
Protection rating IP30
85mm x 85mm x 46mm (31mm in wall) 


Full Feature List

Simple to use on / off button
Adjust temperature manually
Design your 7 day 6 event (3 on 3 off) heating schedule
Ambient & floor temperature sensing
Energy saving adaptive start
Automatic open window sensor
Frost protection mode
Screen lock


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