Self Adhesive Mat 200W

Size: 1m2

HeatThat 200W self-adhesive electric underfloor heating mats.

Made with a robust and reliable heating cable which is pre-spaced and taped to a self-adhesive, fibreglass mesh.

Designed for us in high-demand areas where heat loss is more significant, such as a conservatory or even outside. 

Suitable for use under any floor finish when installed with the correct floor build up materials. (Please ask us for more details).

Key Benefits

  • Compatible with tile, stone, laminate, wood, carpet & vinyl floor finishes
  • Use over a timber or concrete substrate
  • Can be used as a primary heat source
  • Benefits from even faster heat up times than the 150W mat
  • Simply cut the mesh (not the cable) to install in runs and turn around corners
  • Provides an even spread of heat across any room
  • Cable installed on underside of mat to protect during installation
  • Can be up to 100% efficient
  • Supplied with a lifetime warranty

1x HeatThat 200W electric underfloor heating mat
1x Installation guide

Area m² (Size of Mat) Dimensions (LxW) Watts Resistance (Ω)
1 2 x 0.5m 200
1.5 3 x 0.5m 300
2 4 x 0.5m 400
2.5 5 x 0.5m 500
3 6 x 0.5m 600
4 8 x 0.5m 800
5 10 x 0.5m 1000
6 12 x 0.5m 1200
8 16 x 0.5m 1600
10 20 x 0.5m 2000
12 24 x 0.5m 2400

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