Electric Underfloor Heating Mesh - 200W

Size: 1m2

ThermoSphere Mesh electric underfloor heating mats.

Manufactured to perfection to bring you the most efficient and effective electric underfloor heating system for your living space. ThermoSphere Mesh performs unparalleled under a tile or stone floor finish however is compatible with other floor finishes too (ask us for installation details).

ThermoSphere Mesh is created using their patented TwistedTwin electric heating cable which is pre-spaced and attached to a robust fibre-glass mesh with a self-adhesive, sticky underside. 

The self-adhesive speeds up installation by holding the mesh to the substrate for easy self levelling and tile fixing. The TwistedTwin technology ensures you have a floor heating system built for now and for the future.

Primary Heating Source

You can use ThermoSphere Mesh as your primary heating source but we recommend installing with insulation board to maintain optimum energy efficiency. (increase energy efficiency by up to 50%!).

Need a little bit more?

ThermoSphere 200W electric underfloor heating mats are ideal as a primary heat source in area with a greater potential heat loss, which require just that little more. For example, a conservatory, an area with bi-folding doors or even outside on your patio/driveway. 

Or if you just want faster heat up times in general, you can install this just as easily in all the rooms of your home.

Lifetime Guarantee

All ThermoSphere electric underfloor heating mats come with a life-time warranty, so in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, you are can relax knowing that you're covered.

ThermoSphere Mesh was formerly 'Thermonet' before the re-brand by ThermoSphere in 2018

1x 200W electric underfloor heating mat
1x Installation guide
5m Cold tail

Technical Data

Code Size
Area (m)
Output (w) Resistance (Ω)
TSM-200-0100 2 x 0.5 1.0 100 265
TSM-200-0150 3 x 0.5 1.5 150 176
TSM-200-0200 4 x 0.5
2.0 200 132
TSM-200-0250 5 x 0.5
2.5 250 106
TSM-200-0300 6 x 0.5
300 101
TSM-200-0350 7 x 0.5
3.5 350 88
TSM-200-0400 8 x 0.5 4.0 400 66
TSM-200-0500 10 x 0.5
5.0 500 53
TSM-200-0600 12 x 0.5
6.0 600 44
TSM-200-0700 14 x 0.5 7.0 700 38
TSM-200-0800 16 x 0.5
8.0 800 33
TSM-200-0900 18 x 0.5 9.0 900 29
TSM-200-1000 20 x 0.5
10.0 1000 26
TSM-200-1200 24 x 0.5 12.0 1200 22


Output (w) 200W
Width 500mm 
Heated Width 430mm
Maximum Thickness 3.5mm
Cold tail length 5m
Cable Fixing Taped
Adhesive Mesh Yes
Protection Rating IPX7

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