Electric Underfloor Heating Foil - 140W

Size: 1m2

140W ThermoSphere Foil electric underfloor heating mats.

Designed for use under softer floor finishes such as carpet, vinyl, laminate & wood. Because of this, they are the ideal floor heating solution for the "lived in" rooms in your house such as bedrooms, lounges and dining rooms.

The ultra-thin heating foil is manufactured with a special double layer aluminium foil which encases while pre-spacing a flouropolymer insulated heating cable to bring you optimum energy performance.

True innovation

ThermoSphere Foil is popular with installers for its innovative exposed cable loops which help for a quicker and easier installation.

Easy to install

Similar to mesh mat products, you can lay ThermoSphere Foil in runs and simply cut the foil (not cable) to turn around corners of feature points.

ThermoSphere Foil must be installed alongside an overlay and underlay layer, you can purchase each here:

Buy Foil Overlay

Buy Foil Underlay

Lifetime Guarantee

All ThermoSphere electric underfloor heating mats come with a life-time warranty, so in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, you are can relax knowing that you're covered.

ThermoSphere Foil was formerly 'Thermofoil PRO' before the re-brand by ThermoSphere in 2018

1x 140W ThermoSphere electric underfloor heating Foil mat
1x Installation Guide
5m Cold tail

Technical Data

Code Size
Area (m)
Output (w) Resistance (Ω)
2 x 0.5 1.0 100 337.9
3 x 0.5
1.5 150 251.9
4 x 0.5
2.0 200 188.9
5 x 0.5
250 151.1
6 x 0.5
3.0 300 126
8 x 0.5 4.0 400 94.5
10 x 0.5
5.0 500 75.6
12 x 0.5
6.0 600 63
14 x 0.5
7.0 700 53.9
16 x 0.5
8.0 800 47.2
18 x 0.5 9.0 900 41.9
20 x 0.5 10.0 1000 37.8
24 x 0.5 12.0 1200 31.5


Output (w) 140W
Width 500mm 
Maximum Thickness 1.5mm
Cold tail length 5m
Cable Fixing Concealed in foil
Cable loops  Exposed


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